Thursday, October 23, 2008

Legacy of Dennis E. Minor

It is in recognition of the continuing and expanding legacy of Professor Dennis E. Minor that this presentation blog is created.

Dr. Minor carried the light that illuminated the potential and promise of technologies in enhancing teaching and learning in the arts and humanities at Louisiana Tech University. The knowledge, vision, enthusiasm, and persistence he dedicated to this cause continues to serve an ever-expanding number of faculty members and students at Tech.

In honor of Dr. Dennis E. Minor's leadership, I humbly offer this blog as a token of the dedication to quality in teaching and learning that he shared with students and colleagues. The header of each of the following posts is linked to an example of the principle or technology in that post. Recognizing Dr. Minor's fascination with the horizons of technologies, you will find "on the horizon" posts interspersed through the blog. Please post comments to keep this resource blog current, interactive, and relevant. - ray

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  1. Hi Ray! I'm watching your presentation with great interest - from my home in Champaign, IL. With broadband, it is just like I am on the Louisiana Tech campus!

    -- Burks